4 May 2015


Blogs and Youtube is how I procrastinate. It never fails to amaze me the content that is available on the internet. I find them both great sources of inspiration which helps me to come up with ideas for my blog and other creative tasks I complete. I try and make a conscience effort to read blogs and watch Youtube videos everyday as it really does brighten me up and a great way to escape form every day woes. 

Blogs are probably my first source of inspiration for my blog. I am very selective with the bloggers I choose to follow. I rather follow less but enjoy all the posts that pops up on my newsfeed. Below is some of the blogs I have been loving recently.

Rumble Love - Rumbie's blog is predominately a beauty blog with the most stunning photography. I have been following her blog for a while now and really feel she is putting everything into her blog. After Rumbie taking a break from her blog she has come back with amazing content and a killer blog design. 

Sweet Electric - Zoe has recently been creating content that has made me drop everything I'm doing and read her latest blog posts. She shares some of her blog advice for improving your blog photos and  opportunities for you blog (to name a few). Zoe also has the perfect mix of beauty as well on her blog. 

Lauren Writes - Lauren is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who I trust. She shares some very true and witty posts that you can totally relate to. I always find myself scrolling through Lauren's archive to read her posts and admire her amazing photography skills. 

Y O U T U B E 
When it comes to sharing my favourite Youtube channels there is no point telling you about the ones we have all heard about and watch. I find it a lot harder to find new and smaller Youtube Channels than blogs. I am always looking for new channels to follow so if you have any recommendations do let me know. 

Fayesfix - I love Faye's Youtube channel so much. I love checking out my feed every Sunday to find she has uploaded a new vlog. I find Faye's vlogs are a lot more 'real' than some of the bigger vloggers out there who seem to do the most amazing things every single day and can make your life seem boring in comparison.

Ruby Golani - I do love watching make up tutorials on Youtube and then trying to recreate them but at a lot ameturer level. I came across Ruby's channel a few weeks ago and truly love every make up looks she creates. I also love her eyebrows a lot. 

What blog's or Youtube channels do you love ? 

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