8 April 2015


how to revise when you don't want to

Saying I hate revision is probably an under statement. I'm currently sitting writing this post during my Easter holidays trying to avoid the dreaded revision. I would say at this stage of my life I'm a pro when it comes to revision and every year I have the period where I would rather do anything than sit down and learn work. However I have found some things that encourages me to sit down and get the work done.

Everyone is different in how they motivate themselves or the type of learner that they are. I am a very visual person and obsessed with any type of stationary. So before I start studying I treat myself to a few supplies. I bought flashcards, post it notes, highlighters and today I purchased these dreamy pens to help with the motivation. When you have something new you naturally want to use it, so I find it makes me want to do some revision notes because I have new stationary I want to try. 

My second tip would be to reward yourself. Revision is hard work and really hateful especially when it's sunny outside or other people are doing exciting things that you can't do. If you decide to revise on a certain day tell yourself for example that if you complete three hours revision, as a reward you could go to the cinema or make your favourite food. I find this really makes me want to complete revision because I know there is a reward at the end of it.

Find out when you work best. I am definitely a morning or school hours learner, this means that I work best if I stick to school hours at home and finish early. My brain learns things extremely quickly during the morning than if I was to start at 6 in the evening. Everyone is different when it come to when your optimum revision time is! So figuring this out can really help.

This is a random one and probably very geeky but I love to look up revision notes on Pinterest. It can make me feel really inspired and make me want to create my own, kind of like a mini piece of art. I have created a board for revision if you think this may help you. 

Revision is crucial if you want good grades but it's important to remember that in the bigger picture there are more important things in life. Don't beat yourself up if you haven't revised, you need to remember that breaks are as beneficial as revising. If you start early you can take it a lot easier when it comes to revision than cramming it all in two weeks. 

If you have any tips that help you to revise do let me know in the comments, or if you have any questions on the subject.  

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