27 April 2015



I paint my nails a lot, probably twice a week if I have the time. I believe that if you do anything frequently, without noticing, you pick the same products and use the same application methods. I enjoy painting my nails so I take the time to properly prep my nails to ensure they look pretty but underneath the polish they are healthy and protected.

To begin my manicure I like to file my nails. This is essential if you want healthy, long nails. I like to use a glass file rather than your standard file as it's a lot better for your nails. It is a common misperception that they can be quite expensive but mine came in at £5 from Superdrug which I personally don't think is that expensive.

I then move on to prepping my nail bed. I begin my removing my cuticle which is essential if you want nail polish to last. If left behind it can grow and cause them terrible hacks on the side of the nail. To remove the cuticle I like to use the Wah cuticle tool which makes removal a whole lot easier.

Your polish needs something to grip onto so I like to proceed onto buffing the nail bed which creates a rough like surface for the polish to stick to. I always use a base coat to ensure no discolouration on the nail, I switch between a Wah nails version and Sally Hansen. 

Now it's time to select your polish. I recently bought the Barry M quick dry polish in Pole Position which I love. To finish it's important to add a top coat which gives it an amazing shine and helps it to last as long as possible. I currently use the Sally Hansen instant dry which I find is the closest in formula to the Seche Vite topcoat. Any mistakes I have made I remove using an angle brush from Wah nails. If you take the time to prepare your nails, a manicure can last a hole week cup free.

How do you prep your nails for a manicure ? 


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