11 March 2015


As cliche as it sounds I can hardly remember what I done in my spare time before I blogged. I think it probably consisted of a lot of trashy TV and scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, things I still do but my point is, before blogging I didn't really have any hobbies or something that didn't just consist of school work.  Three years later and my mind is full of things that I need to do for my blog and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say you never switch off from blogging. Here are 10 things that go through my head that I wouldn't have ever considered before I was a blogger.

1. Will the lighting ever be right for my photographs ? 
2. I can't buy that piece of furniture. It's not white and will look crap in blog pictures!
3. I have to get that nail polish! I saw it on my favourite blog last week and looked amazing.
4. I have new comments. This is the best day ever.
5. That will look so good in a blog photograph.
6. Will I have time to write up a new blog post?
7. I forgot to schedule tweets for my new blog post. S**t !
8. I have missed another Twitter chat, again.
9. How do other bloggers find the time to blog every day? 
10. I wish I could do blogging full time. 

Do you find yourself saying any of these things to yourself, that you wouldn't have even thought about before you started blogging!

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