20 March 2015


I love skincare it's something I play a keen interest in. I have never been fortunate to have the money to invest in expensive skincare but luckily I have, over the past few months been gifted a few products. First up is a blackhead killer* which I was very intrigued to use  but unfortunately it didn't agree with my skin so I gave it to my sister to try. It can be quite hard on the skin so it's a big no no if you suffer from sensitive skin. My sister found  it removed a lot of the blackheads but could leave your skin afterwards to be quite dry.

It was also quite a messy product and was quite hard to remove and stained everything because it was black so that was a downfall.

Another product I have been trailing is the Yves Rocher Serums* which is aimed to improve the firmness  of your skin. I haven't been testing this product long enough to give it a detailed review but so far I am quite pleased with it. 

It comes in gorgeous packaging and contains botanical ingredients which is a thumbs up from me. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the smell of the product, something I am really fussy about. The best way to describe it is, like suncream. Once on the face you can no longer smell it so it doesn't bother me too much. 

I love trailing new skincare even though it can be a bit dogey. It can really mess up my skin but so far the products I have been trailing haven't done anything too drastic to my skin.

What skincare have you been trailing ? 

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