16 March 2015


I have a love / hate relationship with Netflix. It is always distracting me and sometimes there really isn't anything great to watch on it. I think I rather the TV series on Netflix rather than the films so a lot of my picks are TV series. 

Misfits -  a recent favourite of mine after finishing another TV show. I'm actually watching it right now as I prepare this post. It's essentially about a group of people who are serving their community service when a storm hits them and they all have some sort of power. It is quite a weird and at times gory show but one that has kept me gripped. I can't wait to see what the rest of the series has to offer. 

Pramface- I was obsessed with this show a few weeks ago and am considering to purchase the third series on iTunes. The show is about two teenagers who have a one night stand and the girl Laura ends up pregnant. It is a really funny show with some truths about having a baby during your teenage years.

The Vampire Diaries - This has been the first series I ever watched on Netflix and one I have been obsessed with. I have caught up with all the series so far so it's a matter of waiting for the next series to arrive. I'm sure you know the story but if you don't its basically about a girls named Elena who falls in love with a Vampire. It is very complicated so you just need to watch it to fully understand.

Pretty Little Liars -  I technically haven't watched this before but I have seen some episodes which have had me gripped so it will definantly be the next series I will be tuning into. 

What do you like to watch on Netflix ?


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