18 March 2015


I love flowers, who doesn't? They can make any room or photos look instantly better. The only problem I have is I can never keep them alive no matter how I try. I thought I would choose some of my favourite flower pins from Pinterest. My favourite flowers ever are peonies I buy them every year even though they can be quite expensive but they are so beautiful. Another favourite of mine is a daisy type flower which is pictured above (don't blame me for not knowing the name of the flower.) These are a must buy for me if I'm on a budget as they are so cheap.Lucky for me they still look pretty especially with brown paper around them like the photo.

Tulips are a flower that always remind me of spring. They can be quite hard to photograph but all the bright colour together in a vase really brightens up any room.  I love simple flower arranging in different sizes of vases. The best place to get cheap vases is Ikea and I love to get flowers from Tesco as it's the only place locally to me that supplies flowers that are pretty and cheap. I wish I lived somewhere that has a flowers market, the arrangements are always so beautiful. This post has been a bit random and a tangent on flowers but I really do love them. 

What are your favourite flowers ? 

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