13 March 2015


I want to share more design posts on here because I love blog designing, secondly I remember the struggle as a self taught designer how hard it was to find the information you needed to make your blog look more professional. Today I'm sharing a simple way to automatically make all your blog post photos the same size. I particularly find this useful if you want your blog to be all about the images or you are fed up having to resize them everytime to suit your blog design. This is literally the simplest tutorial and requires only a little coding. 

.post-body img {
width: 600px!important;
height: auto!important; }

All you have to do is past the code above into the css box. If you're not sure where that is click on Template, advanced then scroll till you come across add css, add your code and adjust the highlighted number to the approaite size. Click save and that is literally it. So simple but can really save a lot of time and photo resizing if that's something you find yourself having to do.

Will you be trying this code?

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