23 March 2015


Any blogger knows that it's hard to improve your blog when you have numerous things to do. Refreshing your content or blog design can take a few weeks or in some cases months to improve. These improvements should be done every once in a while but as busy bloggers we don't have the time to do them every week or so. This can then lead our blogs to get a bit boring or not having the desired effect for your readers. 

Improving your blog requires a mixture of things including your blog design, content and how you take advantage of your social media sites. 

Ways I like to improve my blog that only requires a few minutes include

1. Changing your blog header.
2. Edit your blog photos differently.
3. Change your blog logo for your social media sites. 
4. Remove the border around your blogs images using this tutorial.
5. Check out your favourite blog it can make your content a lot better.
6. Update your about me page.
7. Switch up your sidebar by adding popular post or Instagram widget.
8. Increase the size of your blog images.

What quick methods do you use to improve your blog?

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