6 March 2015


My nails haven't received a lot of love recently due to never having time to do them. So this weekend I made it my mission to paint my nails with some new polishes. I started of by painting my nails in a few coats of Wah London's Wifey4Lifey which is a pinky nude colour. I would describe it as your nails but better. I then used a some glitter which I am usually very reluctant to put on my nails because it's all fun and games till you have to remove it. I decided on a holographic type glitter also from Wah London named Schragers Touch*. To finish I applied a generous amount of top coat which is a  Sally Hansen addition at the moment to seal in the glitter and get rid of any lumps or bumps.

Just wish me good luck when removing as I am sure it's going to be tough with all the glitter I used 

What has been on your nails recently ?

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