27 March 2015


When it gets to the end of the week and you feel totally exhausted by Friday sometimes you need a weekend at home where you lounge in your PJ's and make no effort to do anything. I have constructed  a list that should keep you occupied all weekend.

1. Create a new Pinterest board and fill it up with some pins.

2. Go outside in your garden and take some photographs.

3. Write up some blog posts.

4. Draw something.

5. Watch some Netflix.

6. Start reading a new book.

7. Download the app  Dumb Ways to Die and become addicted.

8. Watch Love, Rosie. A great film. 

9. Write some pointless notes in your notebook. 

10. Experiment with a new make up look.

11. Water your plants.

12. Read some of your favourite magazines. 

13. Look at old photos. 

14. Do some online shopping. 

15. Comment on some of your favourite blogs.

Will you be doing any of these things this weekend ? 

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