2 March 2015


I am not really a positive person. I tend to dwell on the negatives which a lot of the time brings me down, or makes me feel unworthy. Never have I sat down and wrote a list of reasons why I should be happy instead of feeling sorry for myself! I have seen a lot of appreciation posts on blogs recently and reading them really does bring a smile to my face so what better why to make me and hopefully you a little happier today. The 10 things that are making me happy at the moment are : 

1. Freshly painted nails that don't look too bad.
2. Eating your favourite meal for dinner.
3. Knowing that after a hard day at work or school you can relax in front of your favourite TV show.
4. Becoming addicted to a new TV series.
5. Writing in the first page of a new notebook.
6. New comments on my blog.
7. Completing a pice of artwork I am proud of. 
8. Completing my to do list.
9. Practising some Calligraphy 
10. Buying new plants for my room. 

It may sound cliche but it really is the simple things that lifts your day and truly appreciate your life!

What things make you happy big or small ? 

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