3 February 2015


Today as the title reads I'm sharing my favourite lifestyle products. In January I have been obsessed with little plates and bowls and at Christmas I received a few patterned bowls for my bedroom. They are perfect for  putting jewellery, nail polish or any bit and pieces you have laying around. Dotcomgiftshop do a great range of pretty bowls of all different sizes and patterns. Food wise I have been loving the Malteaser chocolate spread. I don't really like chocolate spreads as they always taste extremely nutty but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it for the first time and there was no real nut taste off it. 

Two gadget favourites of mine this month was Chromecast and Jam Speakers. I had heard a lot about Chomecast during January and really wanted to pick it up. If you have never heard of it, it's basically a memory stick device that you plug into your telly, then download the free app on your phone or iPad. You are then able to stream Youtube, Netflix, BBC Iplayer and more onto your TV. I have been using it non stop and the quality is amazing. Second is the Jam speakers which was bought to play my tunes out loud. I initially thought that they wouldn't be very loud because they were so small but I was so surprised when I used it for the first time.  It is incredibly loud for the size of the speaker, the only thing I don't really don't like is the colour but I'm not really that bothered.

Lastly is a little notebook I ordered at the start of January and I have been using it to create an editorial calendar. It's a Livework journal and contains monthly blank calendars and blank weekly pages. It is ideal for a blogger that would rather write down things instead of typing which I personally rather do.

What lifestyle product did you love in January ?

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