22 February 2015


Photography is a huge part of blogging, we all what to take the best photographs for our blog but sometimes we think that we need a DSLR to take photos that are of a good quality. It is a myth that is easily believed as every blogger worth talking about  has a DSLR. I'm not here to tell you that a DSLR is totally worthless as it's not and if I'm being honest I wouldn't swap my DSLR for any other type of camera, but as bloggers we aren't let into the little secret that buying a DSLR isn't going to solve all your photo problems with one click.  When I first received my DSLR I  thought that the photos I would take with my camera would instantly be an amazing quality, It couldn't be far from the truth! I am lucky that every photo I have ever taken for this blog has been on a DSLR which is probably quite rare for bloggers but don't let that fool you, to prove it I have chosen four photos each from every year that I have been blogging and you would never believe that all these photos were taken on the one camera.

Taking a photo on any type of camera or phone is more than just pressing the button, a number of things contribute including lighting, composition, backgrounds and your camera equipment just to name a few elements that makes the perfect image. In year one of blogging I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I didn't consider playing around with the buttons on my camera or using a white background to make things clear. I shoot in auto all the time and if you're thinking about buying a DSLR camera and all you do is shoot in auto then there is no real point in you investing in one as your mobile or digital camera will give you the same or better results. As you can see the lighting in photo 1 is dark that is because I took the image with the light in front of me which does kind of make sense but you should always have the light behind you when you are capturing something. 

The photos I took during my second year of blogging did improve but I was still trying to figure out the term composition. It was this year that I dared to take my camera settings to manual, dropped the doggy filters and instead edited my photos by increasing the brightness and contrast etc. In 2014 my photos improved dramatically as I received a new lens which is literally a game changer when it comes to taking photos, as long as it's paired with the other elements that I mentioned before. Lastly is a photo I took a few weeks ago and I appreciate that it's not perfect but as least it is a huge improvement to some of my first images. I now take a lot longer to capture my images and if I'm not happy with it I will take it again.

My tips for improving your images:
  • Practise really does make perfect
  • Take your images during the morning when lighting is at its best
  •  Tweak your photos by increasing the brightness or contrast 
  • Read blog posts or books which can help alot
  • Try and be able to take photos in manual mode
  • Backgrounds, props and lighting can dramatically change your images
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