6 January 2015


 I didn't really have any thing specific on my Christmas this year but something I was hoping on getting was the Wah Nails Ultimate Nail Kit. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will probably be fully aware of my love for nail polish so it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on this kit and when I saw it was on a limited half price deal before Christmas it didn't take a lot of effort to persuade my mum to purchase it for me as a present. 

Firstly without even looking at the contents of the kit the handy box that the nail products come inside is just gorgerous. It's very Wah Nails and truely reflects them as a brand in my opinion. A lot of kits that come with some sort of storage is usually only a temporary fixture but the Wah nail box is different , very sturdy and could last as long as the contents. Opening the kit and seeing what is inside is any polish lovers dream , imagine nine amazingly named polishes , four nail art pens , essential nail tools , jewels and not forgetting a small booklet inside helping you achieve the perfect nail art and proper way to use your tools. 

The polishes come in a range of shades including a topcoat. The polish are amazing quality with my manicure lasting a full week without any chips ( yes you heard right no chips.) The nail art pens are the best I have tried . You have complete control over how much polish you want for the nail design making it a lot easier to draw designs. My favourite aspect of the kit is definitely the tools which are the best I have seen. I can finally remove all of my cuticles which is surprisingly very easy and also satisfying which is essential as well. I have yet to try the gem applicator or the angled polish corrector but I'm sure they are also the same high standard as the rest of the tools . The nail file and buffer have just enough grain to file your nails with ease and comfort. 

A lot of nail kits can be very basic or aren't  great quality but I can honestly say I would happily give this to a nail technician knowing that they would like it and find it to their salon standards. The thing I loved about the kit is you don't have to be a wizz at nail art or nails in general , on the Boots website page the creater has made a number of videos on how to use the products included in the kit making it a product fit for anyone whether they are just beginning their interest with nails or someone who is slightly more advanced and wants to invest in a nail kit. It has practically everything you would need and would be perfect for a sleepover or a girls night in ! 

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