18 January 2015


In blogging everyone wants to have the best blog with the most followers. There are many posts on how to gain more followers and we all read them but have we ever reflected on our own smaller following and thought this is so much better than 10,000 followers. No matter what the situation is there can always be something positive to take from it. As bloggers we can be very hard on ourselves about our blog always wanting to make it better ( which can be a good thing as well ) but I think we forget to stand back and look at what we have already achieved and the positives we can take out of blogging. I have created a little list of how having a smaller can be a positive.

1. There are less people watching your mistakes
2. You may have a small readership but the people who do read your blog are amazing
3. As a smaller blogger you can be more approachable
4. If you don't have time to post people don't mind
5. You can get to know your readers 
6. Replying to comments is a lot easier
7. You might not receive the same amount of hate

Why do you love having a smaller blog ?

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