9 January 2015


Ever since I had a slight shift in my blogging content not only did my writing have to change but so did my images . I was no longer needing to photograph the latest beauty products and instead I had to create new visuals that could fit in with any new posts that I decided to write. 

Mastering the art of taking stock photos can be a gift . I like to have a few draft posts on my blog with a few stock images so if I decide I want to write up a post I can without worrying about what I am writing about or whether or not the image will work with the overall post. To take the perfect stock photo you will need a variety of objects which can include anything you want. Things I like to use are magazines , plants , nail polishes , crates, bowls , notebooks , pens and flowers. 

The secret to taking a photo that has no genre as such is making sure that there isn't one thing in focus. For example if you are taking a beauty photo you might only have a few objects in the frame so you aren't distracted and know exactly what you are looking at but still creating a full image. With a stock photo you could add in more than one focus point and for someone who is new or not that skilled with photography it can be slightly easier to capture an image without having to worry about having that one object in focus.

Stock photos can be easier to capture but they do take a little longer to prepare for. I am the type of person who can't pre plan an image in my head it just sort of happens which isn't really that helpful but for some drawing a little plan of how you would like your stock photos to look then this can really help. If not and your a bit like me I find the best method is trial and error. Try and see what works , rearrange the objects that you are trying to photograph and if it doesn't work you can keep changing them until the final image looks right. 

Stock photos really are a genius way to help with scheduling posts in advance or if you aren't the most orgainsed person. Taking your stock images in bulk will leave you more open to the type of posts you want to create. So the question is will you be creating some stock images ?

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