29 January 2015


Most bloggers out there aren't blogging full time me included. We have other commitments, jobs or school to attend to and while we may daydream about blogging full time we still have to publish a new post most weeks. I have devised some realities about blogging as a hobby. 

1. You will always have to take your photos in bulk.
2. Having a schedule is hard especially when you have other things to do.
3. Writing a post in the evening after work or school can sometimes be very difficult. 
4. It takes a lot more dedication than most hobbies.
5. There will always be something more important to do than blog.
6. Sometimes things get on top of you and your blog gets neglected.
7. No one understands why you put so much time into blogging when it is 'just' a hobby.
8. When people ask you your hobby and you reply "blogging" they almost always look confused.
9. Having a day or week off from school or work makes you feel so happy as you can put more time into your blog and pretend you do it full time.
10.You're surprised you are still blogging as a lot of other hobbies you had were just 'phases'.

What have you noticed about blogging as a hobby ?


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