20 January 2015


I am not a shower person at all. I don't know why but I rather a bath , you seem to be able to avail of more bath time products. I always reach for the same thing everytime I bath. If I feel like really treating myself I will use a bath bomb to begin my routine. My favourites  are from Lush of course some I love are Butterball , Big Blue and Granny Takes a dip.

Before I wash my hair I like to get the boring tasks out of the way that usually involves shaving my legs or armpits(disgusting right but has to be done. ) When shaving I love to use a shower oil I can't recommend an oil enough it really makes shaving a whole lot easier and quicker. I use the Rituals shower oil which really is lovely but I can't stand the smell so I am looking for an alternative at the moment.

To wash my hair I use the Aussie Miracle Shine which is my all time favourite shampoo. I have tried many shampoo's some which have worked well and others were really heavy on my hair but this one is perfect. I recently stopped using my conditioner as I seem to get a huge build up of product if I use too much. To finish I like using a shower gel my two favourites are Twilight a lavender smelling scented gel and Rose Jam which is perfect for any rose scent lovers. 

What are your bath time products ? 


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