10 December 2014


Over the past month I have enjoyed so many blog posts and when I have enjoyed something so much I think it's only right that I share them. The blog posts I read now are very different to the ones that I might have read last year. My reading material has changed along with my blog content. I very rarely read a beauty review, it's not that I don't like them as they can be extremely informative but I find them very repetitive. My favourite topics for me are advice or any type of lifestyle post. 

If advice posts are your kind of thing then you should check out Jennypurr's blog she is the Queen of offering guidance for any freelancer or blogger. You could spend hours on her site reading how to make your blog the best it can be. The post I recommend you read today is Finding your Blogging Purpose & Building a Manifesto

Another blog I love is Bloomin' Rouge. A blog which has a brilliant mix of beauty and lifestyle posts. Her photography is amazing and makes her posts even more enjoyable. A post I enjoyed so much from her blog is 10 Ways to Build a Blog Readership  I think you should check it out right now.  

More posts that I always enjoy come from Pink Pot who also has some amazing blogging posts. I recommend  reading her Building a Blog Photography Kit especially if you have just started blogging or picked up photography as a hobby. 

What are your 5 must read posts for today ? 


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely :) Very kind of you! x

    - Chaitra | PinkPot

  2. I've also been reading and loving each of these posts recently too! Great selection to share!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

    1. they are amazing I'm glad you are enjoying them too

  3. Why hello and thank you! Love Jennypurr and Pinkpot also!


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