30 October 2014


I surprisingly love to paint my nails I actually do it far too much more than I should but one thing I hate is removing it. I would rather let it grow out or peel it off which I'm aware is the worst thing ever for your nails but when it's starting to chip I can't help but pull it off. When I do feel like I want to remove my polish I try to have a set routine. I will begin by taking off my nail polish using the Bourjois 1 second remover which is the only product I will use when it comes to taking of my polish. All that's needed is to dip you nail into the pot give it a slight twist and all polish has been removed , no cotton wool or mess required.

Once the polish has been removed I like to strengthen my nails so apply a thin layer of base coat that protects my nails from moisture or if I decide I want to paint my nails again. I then continue to cut my nails using Elegant Touch nail clippers and file them to get rid of any nail chips and this also increases the strength and makes them feel cleaner. To finish I usually use some cuticle butter around my nails as when I remove nail polish they are often quite dry and this stimulates growth and makes them regain moisture. I like to use Lush's lemony flutter to help my nails which is a thick oily cream which is amazing.try and do this every time that I have nail polish on even when I really want to just  pull it off.

How do you remove your nail polish ?



  1. I really hate removing my nail polish too - it takes forever! The Bourjois product seems awesome, I've heard raves! I need to get my hands on (or IN) it! Haha :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. you do it makes removing your plush a whole lot easier

  2. I use Tescos own nail polish remover - which is cheap but very good and then paint a strengthener as soon as it's removed.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. oh that sounds good a polish strengthener is amazing


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