8 September 2014


pantene , grow gorgeous shampoo conditioner

Recently my hair hasn't really be co operating at all. My hair is probably the one thing I don't really bother about or can be bothered to improve. I could have done a hair story post but it would literally consist of the same style and hair cut my whole life bar a fringe I once owned but later decided I needed to keep up with the cool kids and rock a hairband instead. My hair story is that boring that I have never even had my hair washed in a salon and my past experiences of getting my hair cut haven't been the best. At a young age I roared in the hairdressers seat whilst the rather scared stylist would cut my hair. As I got older I experienced the " can I have an inch taken off my hair and no more please? " and every time I would leave with three inches of my precious hair gone.  I then started to cut my own hair with kitchen scissors ( I'm aware it wasn't a great idea but it gave me huge satisfaction ! )

When it comes to washing my hair I always pick up the first shampoo and conditioner duo I come across or whatever is on offer at the time which for a while worked very well for me but recently every conditioning duo I apply to my hair seems to clog in my hair leaving a greasy textured hair even though it has been washed. I thought maybe at first it was because I hadn't washed it out properly or that I was applying too much of the stuff but even the next time when I took more care of rinsing and using only a shampoo it still turned out the same much to my disappointment.

I was officially on the hunt for a shampoo that would help my hair return to it's normal self. I was prepared to spend the money and do the right amount of research that I usually fail to do before I purchase something. The product that I thought would restore my hair was the Grow gorgeous 11 in 1 cleansing Conditioning treatment but this also failed with it feeling far too heavy for my hair a shame really as it was £18 but I will hopefully pluck up the courage to use it again soon.  The solution to my hair  problem was simple and was staring me in the face the whole time and it was the Pantene's Classic Clean shampoo. I have been using it on it's own without conditioner or adding any more products to my hair hoping that this is the end to my hair's misbehaving.

Have you ever had hair problems ? 


  1. I really loved the grow gorgeous shampoo/conditioner ( whatever it's called!!). I once had a similar issue and I made a home made shampoo with some bicarbonate of soda and afterwards my hair was back to its usual self!x

    1. that sounds like a good idea natural ingredients always seem to work


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