17 August 2014


I love reading blogs it's something I do everyday without fail. I love reading blog love posts where I get to check out some great new reads that I can add to my bloglovin' feed. Below are some of my recommendations of blogs you need to check out, and if you don't already, giving them a cheeky follow.

Mollyox-  Molly's blog is just perfect. I love her photography especially the pink rug that she uses for the background of her photos. She has some of the best reviews of all beauty products with an honest opinion.

Emma Griffy - Emma also has a beautiful blog, her photographs are so big and bright a must have for me when it comes to a blog. Emma's blog design is also amazing and I adore her beauty and lifestyle posts which gives you a peek inside her everyday life.

Vintage Teapot - Celine's beauty posts are my ultimate favourite on her blog. She has honest lengthly posts that give you an in depth knowledge into a product you haven't even bought yet, her photography also makes me very happy.

This Fashion is Mine - Gwen's Blog is perfection. She is a photographer from the North West so naturally her photography is flawless. Gwen offers Pinterst worthy DIY's and lifestyle posts that make you want to spend the day with her, also she has some amazing photography advice posts for bloggers.

What are your must reads?  Link them below.
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  1. I love blog posts like this where i find new blogs that i love!! :) So thank-you! :P


  2. Aw I just found your blog :) Love it already, thanks for these too! Always nice to have some fresh reads!

    Kathryns Cupcakes

  3. aw thankyou so much for including me this!! xxx


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