31 July 2014


I have never done a initial post on a product before but now would be the perfect time seeing as I'm trying out some skincare products .The Facacia skincare brand is being launched this Sarurday on QVC by make up artist Gary Cockerill The product I used first was the Facacia antibacterial face wash * a foamy textured , pump operated wash which I have never tried when it comes to skincare. I applied one pump of the product onto my face using circular motions and washing it off with water and patting dry with a cloth. Instantly my skin felt smoother and softer to touch which I was very pleased with.

I then followed with the the antibacterial serum* something I have never tried but was very keen too. I used a small amount because it was recommended  for dry skin and at the moment my skin isn't very dry so I applied  it to the areas which do be the driest on my face and it sunk into my skin extremely quick without leaving behind a sticky residue. I can't wait to continue using the skincare products and do hope that they play a frequent part in my ever evolving skincare routine.

Will you be trying the Facacia skincare range ?


  1. might have to check them out!

  2. I love using antibacterial serums as they really help clear my skin up and leave it glowing :) definitely trying this!! Thanks for the lovely review xx

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    1. my skin is becoming so soft i am loving using it


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