8 June 2014

Simple and Easy Nail Art

I do love doing a bit of nail art. Many people stay clear from nail art as it can look complicated, they think special tools are required and it takes far too long but this couldn't be anymore wrong. If done right nail art can be so simple if you don't try a really difficult design to begin with and this could be a great place to start if you haven't tried any nail art before. Accidentally when I was trying out a nail design last week I seemed to come up with a simple and effective nail design which is so easy, you can use any colours you like but I chose yellow, green and blue with a white base.

1. To begin I used the white nail polish and painted all my nails white allowing some time for them to dry as this is a common mistake made when doing nail art people are too quick to get started and they end up ruining the whole nail and have to start again.

2. When your base coat has dried choose your first colour, it doesn't matter which one you choose but I decided on blue first. Take a piece of paper and get rid of most of the nail polish on the brush which is demonstrated in the images above. This makes application easier and gives it a cool effect using the side of the brush.

3. Repeat this process with all the colours , randomly placing them on the nail in different directions or on top of one another. 

4. I finish with the Seche Vite topcoat to seal the design and give it a shiny finish.

That is all there is to the design. What I like about the nail art is it is so simple and effective and can be altered in terms of the colours you decide to use so it looks different each time.

Have you tried out any nail art ?



  1. I love doing nail art! It's so fun and gets easier every time. I love the watercolor look of these nails :) Will definitely be giving them a go!

    1. great would love to see them if you do them

  2. I want to get myself a nice white nail paint which does not look too ghostly! Will take a look at this one! :-)


  3. I love doing nail art! Its so much fun and relaxing (when it goes well)
    Love this design!


    x x

  4. yea especially when it goes right

  5. I´ll try this out when I can. I love nail art and this one would go with so many clothes I have for summer. It looks so easy that I might be able to do this even when I am on vacation.
    xx Lisa


    1. its so easy and yes you can change the colours to go with your outfit

  6. Ooh such a nice but simple idea. Danielle xx


    1. its so simple thats why i love it so much

  7. Ohh this nail art is adorable! Love the white with the bright blue and yellow on top!

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