18 June 2014


I am very guilty of picking up a magazine purely for the freebie that it may contain and when I saw that Glamour Magazine which is only £2 to purchase were giving away Eyeko navy and black eyeliners which were originally £12. Eyeko are  a brand that I have never tried anything from and if Alexa Chung had her own creations with them I believed they must be good. I picked up a navy as I thought it would be a nice change from the usual black that I usually would wear and whilst I loved the shape of the nip and the thickness of it the product refused to come out even when I shook it the product refused to come out.

I thought that maybe I had just picked up a dodgy eyeliner but this seams to be an occurring opinion amongst anyone that has tried it and you can even see in the images above where I have tried it out how it works one minute and appears dried up the next. When trying to create a cat flick it ends up ruining your flick as you have to apply extra pressure on the nip. I defiantly wouldn't have liked to  payed the full price for this eyeliner!

Have you tried the Glamour freebie?



  1. I'm glad I never got the magazine as the black one was always out of stock! I've heard a lot of people say the same thing too, unfortunately!

  2. I received this one together with my beautybay purchases. Currently not too impressed with this cause it's quite dry as you mentioned!
    Such a shame really!

    Silke Laura

    1. yea i was expecting really good things from it

  3. Mine works really nicely. I don't do cat eye flicks though, just along the top.


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