20 June 2014


Blogging is currently at the biggest it has been with bloggers appearing in magazines, TV and bringing out their own books or products. They are usually the bloggers that have featured in the blogging world from the start unlike us late starters shall I call us. This is expected as they have more of a reputation and a larger following, but was it easier for them to break the blogging world? I have felt for a while that whilst all this success surrounding us is positive, can inspire and push us less developed blogs to continue and blog to the best of our ability but I do also believe that it can add a lot of pressure and make a blogger feel a little worthless in this massive industry of blogging! I feel that when the older more established bloggers began blogging they received coverage and PR companies seamed to approach them a lot quicker than what would happen in 2014. I don't want this to sound spiteful or jealous as this really isn't the case some of the larger blogs I truly respect and what they do is hard work and I am aware that PR companies and coverage isn't the main reason for blogging but I'm not going to lie it would help our blogs and content!

They also had to go on a journey to get to where they are now and I am not foolish to think otherwise or that it was "easier" for them as it wasn't and every bloggers experience on growth is different but I feel as there wasn't the same amount of competition so they could experiment and the high standard that is now expected from new bloggers wasn't present then.The standard that is now set means that newer bloggers have to invest quicker and worry a lot about numbers , stats and freebies something which other bloggers are keen to put forward that it's not important but you wouldn't say no to a free beauty product or if you received 1000 followers. It's the truth when seeing other bloggers are getting great bonus from working hard and yes I am aware it takes time to gain these bonus' but when it is constantly surrounding you in your newsfeed or on Twitter it's hard not to become a little obsessed or wanting some advantages like other bloggers get.

I personally found that  my blog had to become professional very quickly as it was the standard, maybe this feeling was just me and it was all in my head but I think a lot of bloggers suffer from the constant pressure of having too and wanting too be the best or as good as the popular bloggers and I do think this can be positive competition but it also can be very destructive to a smaller blogger or even a larger blogger.The competition between bloggers has become so huge that support and appreciation for other bloggers is getting lost in the blogging world , not everyone but some are reluctant to share blog love or feature other bloggers as they are afraid of them having the upper hand, lucky I haven't personally witnessed this but I am aware that it is present in the world of blogging.

Bloggers, including myself are doing everything in their power to make their blog the best it can be by using business methods, trying to win over followers or PR companies as a way of proving their blog is worth it and can be taken serious like the professional bloggers. I think whilst every blog starts of as a hobby everyone would love to do it full time but it has a huge stereotype to it causing bloggers to be afraid to set this as their goal. I personally don't see anything wrong with it and something to be admired as it shows that someone cares and carries a passion for blogging that wants you to make it a full time occupation. Like anything in life we all want to be at the top which is a natural feeling when putting the effort and time into something that matters to you and wanting others to recognise it I suppose is only expected!The point I'm trying to get at is I feel that blogging in 2014 has become very clinical and numbers and followers are coming before the posts. I also believe that it's a lot harder of us later bloggers to get followers or attention compared to the first kids on the block.

*I just want to make clear that this is my opinion and as I have mentioned this is not a catty or patronising post towards the larger blogs as I am aware that they had to work hard to get to where they are now which I truly respect*

What do you think ? 
Do us younger bloggers have to work harder to prove ourselves?


  1. I do agree with yoi. As I am
    Blogging for years but just as my hobby. I sometimes get some questions from brands about coorporation- but before they talk- they really want to see your numbers. Oh well and this dissapoints me- as I know that my folloer numbers are not so high as they would like.
    Apart from other bloggers I am a professional in my field. Talking about things I do use daily, at my work and with clients. So my oppinion is based on a real experience working with people. :)
    but I do believe that the persons who follows me enjoys what I write :)

    1. it defiantly is annoying when your hard work and talent is based on numbers especially when some blogs that have a higher following aren't producing great content and its important that the followers you do have enjoy your posts i suppose thats what it comes down to

  2. I totally get you on this! I have been blogging exactly two months and have around 200 followers and about 600 views on an average everyday. I blog for fun and never follow a pattern. I know there are millions of blogs and bloggers with various intentions and interests, who are organising, scheduling working hard on their blog each day! I try to do what I can best while enjoying myself without this becoming a chore! I have a very successful job and blogging isn't my source of income, its my outlet and my expression! Lets all keep it that ways! :-)


    1. yes it's important for it to be a form of expression from our busy lives it defiantly helps me to wind down after a hard day. i do think blogging can sometimes be hard work as there is so much pressure and can feel down about your blog

  3. For the past few days this is exactly what I was thinking! I even went to the extremes and looked up how to get bigger traffic, how to make my blog better and what I should and shouldn't write about. In all honesty, I have been doing right all along but because there is so much pressure and competition out there, i feel like it isn't worth it and I should just quit.

    I won't of course. I put so much effort into my blog and, like everyone else, I want to get my site out there. Hopefully one day, our hard work pays off. I see people wanting to become famous through their blog, as nice as that sounds, i would like to get a career out of it. I'm not complaining if i do get famous from it but it's highly unlikely.

    I want to be known for my blog tbh.

    I will just enjoy what I am doing now and wait to see what is in store for me in the future.

    Much love,

    Lauren Nicole O'Hara


    1. i know what you mean about searching for solutions or help I have and still do it especially when i doubt myself and my blog. As you said I don't think we would be doing this to the same extent if there wasn't so much competition or pressure. Do continue what your doing as you never know what the future may hold

  4. I just worry that I have so few followers and interest because people aren't enjoying what I write. I'm not fussed about the other stuff but I can understand why people are - it would just be nice to think people are interested. But I think in part it's because I am comparing mine to the big established blogs which is daft I know! Xx

    1. yes i have compared myself to other more established bloggers too. i think people are keen to find new blogs but because there are so many of them its near impossible to find the smaller bloggers but continue your hard work and don't be afraid to promote your blog it's something to be proud of

  5. I don't think we necessarily have to work harder than bloggers a few years ago had to - I just think there was less competition back then!. I also don't think they looked at it as a 'career' path because it was such an uncommon job .To them it was more a hobby.I think its defiantly more pressurized than years ago.More pressure to be original and to be 'different'.

    Honestly I do agree with your points though,Blogging is EXTREMELY HARD. Mine is even at the moment just a hobby - I'd love and dream about it becoming my lifetime job but honestly I dn't think it will happen.Even at the stage I'm at now I often feel like sometimes I'm running a business, I have to regularly check emails and sometimes stress about putting up a post when in fact in reality no one really cares because there is MIILLIONS of blogs for them to read. It makes me sad saying that but unfortunately its the truth !.It makes me sad really - People talking about the hundreds of people who visit their website each day and then I'm stuck struggling to reach a few.I've been working so hard for the past year and I don't get a whole lot out of it.

    Blogging is a lot more pressurizing than most people think.Its not just take a few pictures of some clothes and your done,Its SOOOO much more than that.I don't really care about the views etc its more about do people actually like what I spend majority of my time doing ?.

    Great post doll . Maybe some day we will make something out of it !. Who knows :) x
    Cait || http://caitrionatighe.blogspot.ie/

    1. i love what you have to say, your right to say that there was less competition a few years ago and maybe because them bloggers only saw it as a hobby and their passion was transferred to their blog which made it so successful. As a newer blogger it hards not to want the coverage and followers as the bigger blogs because we are putting in the same effort as them. I am aware that they had to wait longer than us to get there but it would be nice to be credited sometimes i think it would help our creative minds and encourage us in a positive way to continue doing what we love and as you said we don't know what the future hold out blogs could be the it blogs

  6. :) I commented about this @ the conscience fund as well because she had linked to this page , but I feel the need to say it again :) My blog is only a few months old now and when I first started out (the first 2 months for example) I tried to post every single day because firstly I assumed thats the norm(because all we see really are the established bloggers who pretty much do this fulltime), but also I had newbie enthusiasm that kept me going:) After a while I realized it was affecting the quality of my posts because it started to feel like a chore . Ever since that time I told myself i would only post when I really felt like it. it's been great for me and for the blog I think! I am all for supporting new bloggers, the effort, the time and the more we network. the more everyone benefits! Nice article and nice blog Sinead! www.howdoesdeedoit.com

  7. Even after writing a beauty/fashion related for about 3 years now, it is still a hobby. II get an outlet to express myself and that's what I started out to do. It is a competitive world and blogging is just the latest competition, till the next thing takes over. I don't think one should start getting depressed that they haven't gotten a 1000 followers. Good things come to those who wait.

  8. You have spoken really truly here. I´ve been thinking about this not so long ago actually.
    I try to see my blog as my corner where I can speak about the things I want to and do not have to worry about what others might think, but it´s really hard to ignore the numbers sometimes. It feels like every day someone hits 1000 followers somewhere and I am just stuck with the nearly 20 people following me. Sometimes it really puts me down.
    I didn´t experience any hate or real jealousy in the blogging world though - maybe because nobody sees me as a thread. I love the blogger community I experience in twitter chats. Everyone is so friendly and open to everyone. But that´s just what I experienced until now. In all other points I can totally agree with you!
    xx Lisa

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