16 May 2014

garner oil beauty

Garnier has never really been a stand out brand to me ,I have always felt a bit un excited by their products but recently things have changed. They have released  a few products that I have wanted and the oil beauty exfoliator seemed like something I have never seen before and wanted to try . The exfoliator contains three different oils which are aimed to make your skin feel silky smooth. It is not like an average exfoliator which contains quite rough and thick pieces of exfoliant which can peel or hurt your skin but the Garnier oil beauty contains very small ones that look like they would do very little but are surprisly rough enough to remove dead skin but still don't irate your skin.

As you run the product onto your skin there is an enriched oil which nourishes your skin whilst exfoliating it, once it is removed your arm feels very smooth but I feel that it will take more than one or two applications before you start to benefit from the product. This product is definantly something which I would recommend to anyone who wants smooth skin or is preparing for a fake tan.

                                                   Have you tried the oil beauty ?


  1. I'll have to set my sister onto this one, she's got dry skin and most exfoliators don't agree with her, but this one sounds like it would be perfect for her. :)

    Juyey xx

  2. I have seen or heard about this before, but I really like the concept of it. I will be on look out for this product and it sounds amazing that it doesn't hurt the skin :)
    Tanja Mortensen

    1. i loves its concept a great product

    2. i love the concept such a great product

  3. I haven't used this before, but I really want to now! Great post!

  4. This sounds really nice! Great post :)

    Ellie xx Beautyproductsjunkie


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