26 May 2014

Catch up

I have been quite absent and un frequent with posting recently but it's all been because of my exams which are not yet over but most of the important ones are so that means I can return to frequent blogging. Not only have my exams held me back from blogging but I was suffering from the dreaded bloggers block nothing was exciting me about blogging and everything I tried to produce I just wasn't feeling so a break was needed. To help me along with inspiration for my blog I have changed the layout and design of my blog to help freshen things up. I have designed a really basic black and white theme which is very minimalist but it's design I love as I want the main focus to be the images and posts. 

I am also working on my photography e course which I can't wait for people to use.I am working really hard to try and get it finished, you can still sign  up with the link in my sidebar. I also want to thank everyone who is following my blog you don't realise how happy I am when someone follows my blog even though followers aren't everything I can't help but feel a little proud when someone takes the time and effort to give my little blog a follow. 

I can't wait till all my exams are over so I can put my full effort into my blog and maybe post more frequently maybe even blog everyday for a month which I think would be a lot of fun. I really want to try and write more of these more relaxed posts than always a beauty or fashion post which can be a bit tiring sometimes.        


  1. I hope your exams are going well! Don't fret about bloggers block. It will all come back naturally as you get more in to it once your exams are finished. The photography course sounds exciting! You should do a blog post about that. I would love to read about it x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. thank you i think as i know the exams are getting close to the end i feel like there is more ideas coming to me about my blog

  2. Good luck with your exams, I love the sound of a photography course, sounds like it will be fab!

    1. thank you i cant wait for it to be finished so I can see what people think of it

  3. Good luck! Very interested to hear more about the photography course xx


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