16 April 2014


I think it is no secret  that I am a fan of stationary. I have for years been buying unnecessary amounts of notebook, pens and markers but I never know when enough is enough. I am at my worst whenever I have upcoming exams, the only thing which keeps me going during revision. Above is some of my favourite stationary items at the moment with my favourite being the Rifle Paper notebooks which I cannot stop looking at, this range is a winner with not one of their products being a disappointment.The only issue is their products are hard to find in the UK but I purchased mine on Amazon which were slightly cheaper.

When revising I love a good selection of highlighters and my favourite would have to be the 8 pack Stabilo ones. They are quite expensive but considering you get 8 colours that will last ages they are well worth it. Tescos have recently brought out the most amazing stationary that is so affordable and I purchased post it notes and the black and white ice cream notebook which I love. Another note book is the Emma Bridgewater star book which I picked up in a sale and couldn't leave it behind. I love all of Emma Bridgewater's products especially the mugs.

Do you have an obsession with stationary? Any recommendations ? 


  1. I do love stationery, but I often find the pretty thongs aren't practical. I love nice notebooks, but as a leftie they are uncomfortable to write in, the paper quality isn't great and (the biggest issue) they are rarely narrow ruled. I tend to stick to refill pads (I buy the giant ones in Rymans on 3 for 2 in bulk) ab and colour coordinated folders for university work, and have anything else I need prettified! That said, I am very excited for my new eraseable highlighters to turn up! x


    1. ohh that sounds really cool i know what you men but i cant control my self will buy looks over practically

  2. There's something about stationary which I think everybody loves! I love the idea of bein organised! Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  3. Love the ice cream pad, so cute! :)

  4. The Rifle Paper notebooks are lovely, and they would be a great gift!

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  5. I LOVE stationery. One of my most recent binges was in Paperblanks. I think my wallet still feels it. Stabilo highlighters are great, need to get a new pack.


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