21 April 2014


OPI is a brand I have been wanting  to try for ages and I actually surprise myself when I say I have never owned or tried an OPI product so when I received the Int'l Crime Caper* shade I was very excited. I was given a rather unusual shade something  I have never  owned. It baffled me a bit as I didn't know whether to use it as a sheer polish , build it up for a more opaque shade or use it on top of another. Well, just to clear confusion I tried all three the first trail was the sheer option a concept which I have never got along with and attempting to do it with this shade didn't change anything. I felt it gave my hand a granny look to it and I had to remove it instantly, you my think second time lucky but it failed again. I had to apply at least four coats of polish and one of my top coat bringing it to a total of five coats, never try this it turned into a gloopy mess which is not advised.

The only method in which I could get this polish to work was using it as a top coat. I painted my nails a bright yellow and applied this on top and I was presented with a slightly purple, pink metallic sheen to the yellow shade. It is defiantly something I haven't tried before and a product which I haven't converted to just yet but a few more attempts of this on top of some more polish I may be able to warm to this rather unusual shade.

Have you tried any OPI products?



  1. This sounds really interesting, not sure if it's for me though :) xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love your blog! Just found it and became obsessed! I love OPI, shame it's so expensive, thought! "Makes Men Blush" is my favorite light pink shade, I definitely recommend it!


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