7 April 2014


When it comes to fashion posts I will be the first to admit I'm not the best something which I am very conscience off and always trying to improve but somehow the love for beauty and stationary causes little funds left for expensive clothing, silly it may sound that I waste money on insignificant things but I just can't contain myself when there is a new polish release or a beautifully designed notebook present ready to be granted a new home! Things changed when I recently walked into Office and was presented with New Balance trainers all I can call it is love. I adore trainers and had been wanting a more presentable pair that could be teamed with jeans or even dresses but still being able to walk miles and in comfort.

I do love my white converses but I fell I have moved on from them and I was beginning to see them on everyone's feet which slightly annoys me ( I find it extremely awkward when you met someone with the same item of clothing) so I thought a pair of New Balance would be a nice change. They don't come cheap at £64.99 but still manage to out do the prices of Nike trainers. I found that the trainers, to begin with felt quite strange and they took a while to break in. They also are very narrow perfect for someone like me who has an extremely narrow foot but not so good for those wide footed people. New Balance is available in Office and Asos different models are available but mine are 420.

Have you tried New Balance ? 


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