25 April 2014


I think it would be correct to say that I have lived in skinny jeans ever since they came on the fashion scene but the comeback of the MOM jeans made me for a while consider hanging up the skinnies and converting to a more vintage look. I was very unconvinced about the jeans until I wore them for the first time. It was surprisily scary to walk out in such a statement piece of clothing which instantly makes you stand out from the crowd. They are so comfy to wear as the aren't tight to your skin and I cant help but feel like a 90's chick in a pair of these. There is such a wide range of them available but I preferred the Topshop version. I like to wear them with trainers and crop tops but they are a bit harder to style than your average jean.

If you are considering whether or not to get these I would make the purchase , they are something different which not everyone will be wearing and styling them is really fun.

Do you own a pair of MOM jeans ?


  1. I doubt I'd get my bum in a pair but like the look of them I have to admit! xx

    1. you should try them anyway i didn't think they would suit me either

  2. I really want to try some mom jeans, but i can't find any that fit, they're all huge on me for some reason :( xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. oh no most shops do them now its a matter of finding the perfect pair

  3. I love wearing mine with crop tops and trainers too.
    Evie xox


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