27 April 2014

LETS talk photography

I adore photography it is the one thing that I have self taught myself and developed over the years. I remember I asked for my first DSLR for Christmas and was not expecting to receive one so when I did I was pleasantly  surprised . A lot of bloggers own the infamous Canon 600d and I did go through a stage of regretting choosing the very basic Nikon but I have later realised that I can produce as good or maybe better photos than a more expensive camera that is not needed for ammeter level.

People often want a DSLR and when they purchase one they don't have a clue how to use it and keep it on auto mode. I can remember when I first went to try out my camera for the first time I was very disappointed the photos weren't spectacular or did they look any better than a basic digital camera's photos. It's important to make it clear that the basic settings on a DSLR camera will not get you that professional photo, there are so many different elements you have to consider first. If you feel like you don't really want to explore a DSLR's different settings then investing in a digital camera would be more appropriate. 

From blogging I often find that people really struggle with their photos and for me this is probably one of the most important aspects of a blog to go along with the post. I have also been blessed to often be commended for the photos I take and believe me they are the easiest things to take once you know how to and I believe whether you own a DSLR , camera phone or digital camera you can create photos that people will be jealous off. 

A lot of the photos I uploaded on my blog in 2013 I was not overly happy with. I had finally mastered the settings on my camera but my kit lens was letting me down. It didn't have a great field of depth ( focusing on one object with a blurred background ) and lighting was a huge issue something which we have all struggled with at some point. So after I researched it I invested in a f1.8 35mm lens and this has to be my secret to photo taking. I current take all my photos in aperture mood commonly A Av on a camera. This lets you choose the aperture which is basically field of deapth for example 1.8 will get you an extremely blurred background focusing on one object and the higher you increase the aperture such as 6 , 7 , 8 the camera will focus on more than one object and no blurred background will be present. Most of my photos are taken with a f1.8 aperture as I think it creates such a profession photo.

Also playing with your ISO is important and basically this is your brightness on a sunny day the lower your ISO e.g. 100 but if darker or night time you will need a higher one eg 400 but as you increase your ISO your photo will become more grainy like a fussy effect. They are really the only two things I do when taking my photos and I do believe anyone can do it. Editing your photos is also essential for me and you don't need photoshop. I use either Pic monkey or my new favourite Pixlr. I simply use curves to improve brightness, contrast and exposure but still making the image look natural and effect free. I don't think people realise how much editing your photos can improve brightness alone which so many people are baffled about and struggle with.

To finish I will share my top tips for photography:

  • Always use natural lighting 
  • Take for or five photos so you have a range and can choose the best 
  • Make sure you have large images on your blog that everyone can see
  • Fake brightness by editing 
  • Use flowers or plants to add personality to a photo
  • Old magazine pages are brilliant  if you don't have a white background 
  • Take your photos early in the day 

Do you have any photography tips ?



  1. Love your tips, your photography is always gorgeous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | The Little Deer Sunglasses and £20 Voucher Giveaway

  2. Replies
    1. thank you I'm glad you like it but yours is great too

  3. This post was so helpful and your photography is beautiful. I am now following on bloglovin', hopefully you can check out my blog!

    oxo, S
    check out my personal blog ♡

  4. Great post, so nicely written. I'm just collecting money for my first DSLR and inquisitively read such contents :)

    1. its good to do your research before investing all that money

  5. Your photography is stunning, great tips! On a recent holiday to Barcelona, I asked a lady holding a really fancy Canon to take a photo of my group because my DSLR is Canon too - figuring she'd know how to focus at least. Turns out, she uses her camera on total automatic mode and each picture was blurred to crap. Serves me right for not checking but urgh, her owning one is such a waste! xx


    1. i hate that so much there was no point in her investing in that camera

  6. Thank you for this post so helpful! I would love a series with all your tips for taking photos, you have some amazing ones on your blog! I just followed on Bloglovin! :)

    Tanja Mortensen

    1. i will take it into account i love writing about them


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