23 April 2014


I am not one to follow trends but when I heard there could be a cheaper alternative to my much loved Bioderma I knew it was a trend I had to jump aboard on! The Garnier Micellar cleansing water had been claimed to remove make up as quickly and effectively as Bioderma something I was wary to believe as not one product as of yet has topped it's place.

The Micellar product is easily used and removes make up with out harshness or striping the skin. It also doesn't leave behind a sticky or oily residue that has to be washed off. The micellar water comes in at a cost effective £4.99 a lot cheaper than the more expensive Bioderma and also comes in a massive bottle. It doesn't irritate my skin like lot of products due to my sensitive skin, I really do think that Garnier have really brought out a winner of a product and I have recently seen some other products which look interesting to try. They have really upped their game , Garnier was a brand I was never really that fussed on but I am looking forward to their new releases for summer.

Have you tried Garnier's Micellar Water ?


  1. Replies
    1. it is such a great substitute for bioderma

  2. £4.99 for 400ml whilst Bioderma is 250ml for £££ more. I know where I'm going... *to the boots website*
    Oooh it's currently £2.99 definitely snapping that up.

    I love my Bioderma but if this does just as good a job for less money? I'm all over it. :D

    Juyey xx

  3. I love a lot of Garnier's other skincare, so I think I will be picking this up once I finish my bottle of Bioderma! It's much easier on the wallet!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. me too have started to really love some of their skincare products

  4. I really like this, I prefer it to the L'Oreal one. It seems to do a better job and I don't waste as much of it as I did with the L'Oreal one x

    1. haven't tried the l'oreal one but i have heard good things about it

  5. I love this micellar water and it so cheap! x



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