14 January 2014

Rimmel London 5 Pan Eyeshadow

I am a huge fan of palettes. I am completely in love with the Naked Palettes but a student budget doesn't permit me to  buy one so I have to discover cheap alternatives that will replace the expensive   palettes until then I will have to make do with a drugstore one. I do own a few cheap palettes  that are  really pigmented and contain a great selection of shades but I personally don't use all the shades so I made an agreement with myself that the next time I purchased a palette I would only pick one that I loved all of the shades, thats when I came across the Rimmel London HD 5 pan eyeshadow in "Brixton Brown" the perfect 5 pan palette which contains five beautiful shades that are perfect together, on their own or with other shades.

All five shades are very wearable and can be built up for intensity or a simple sweep over the eyelid for a natural look! The palette is easily carried and all shades are pigmented and very versatile. I would highly recommend this to anyone who can't afford any higher end eyeshadows but want something that is easily carried when traveling and versatile. The HD range also has three other shade options but I personally think Brixton Brown is the prettiest and perfect for day or night.

What is your favourite drugstore palette ?



  1. Love this palette, that red shade in the middle is so gorgeous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  2. That palette looks beautiful, you always take such amazing photos!


  3. i've seen this on another blog and every time i see it makes me want it more even tho i'm not an every day eye shadow wearer... it looks beaut x

  4. I'd love to try this but I already have way too many eyeshadows!

    Bree l Colour Shimmer Sparkle

    1. it won't break the bank another one won't hurt

  5. Oh I haven't seen this on the Rimmel counter. Will have to have a look next time. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Love the plum shade in the middle.
    Rumbielove.blogspot.com xx


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