24 January 2014

Lets Talk Feet !

Please don't tell me I'm alone when I forget all about my feet maintenance. So as a result I made a vow to myself that I was going to care for my feet and give them a regular pedicure and apply Soap and Glory's Heel Genius to my feet every night. Lets just say this was a complete fail! I picked up some products in the hope that my feet would turn to soles of softness but this didn't happen. Before you think it wasn't the products that let me down it was my commitment.

I started by applying a scrub to my feet to remove as much dead skin as possible when I was in the bath but the scrub I chose didn't have a gritty enough consistency to get rid of my pesky dry, flakey skin.Straight after I used my heel genius which at first smelt a bit stinky but once I got over that slight issue I slapped on the cream popped on some socks and headed to bed to see if I awoke with soft feet. Lets just say it will take more than one application for your feet to be as soft as a babies butt, but I never managed to get to the stage where my feet felt this soft as I so dreadful at keeping a routine but maybe I will give it another go when I have decided to become more organised.

Have you been successful in pampering your feet ?


  1. Your not the only one ^^ I think we all sometimes 'forget' the feet pampering part, but definitely they deserved to be pampered because we are always on our feet. lovely lil reminder post and absolutely love the image!


    1. thank you. I agree our feet does so much work and we neglect them most of the time

  2. I use the Body Shop foot buffer (scrapey thing!) to get dead skin off after a bath/shower, and then apply either Soap and Glory Heel Genius, Body Shop peppermint lotion or Avon Foot Works, and then pop on my moisturising socks :)

  3. I never look after my feet but I really should! :/ x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  4. I haven't tried these products before but I really should!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  5. I always forget about my feet when it comes to pampering, I should stop neglecting them so much!xx


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