29 January 2014

Botanics Clay Mask

I had been wanting a face mask for a while to see if they lived up to their name but for someone like me who firstly had never tried a face mask and secondly didn't have the budget I had to rely on my trustily drugstore products to supply me with a face mask that worked! After searching the aisles I decided on purchasing the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask. The first time I used it I was expecting the consistency of the mask to be quite thick but surprisingly it  was considerably watery but not watery enough for it to be a struggle to put on your face.

The clay mask is designed to be applied to your face or where you suffer from pores the most so your chin , forehead etc which I often did for 10 minutes. The mask begins to dry out making it tight on your face which isn't uncomfortable at all! The only problem I faced is taking the mask off which is quite messy and time consuming but once done its all worth it leaving you skin feeling smooth, moistured and not oily! The product really does sound wondrous but I unfortunately had to stop using it as the second time I was removing it I was left with bright red, sore skin which looked like sun burn quite literally. I was disappointed and really wanted it to agree with me as I loved what it done for my skin so naughty me tried it for the third time but for a shorter period but the same thing happened and I really didn't want to use it again.

As much as I love the product either one of the ingredients or my sensitive skin didn't agree with it so I have been forced to stop using it so I'm currently on the look out for a new mask which won't have these side effects. Any ideas ?

Have you tried the Botanics clay mask? 



  1. Such a shame you had that reaction - I get that issue with anything containing Vitamin E in large amounts, and its so annoying, unsightly and often painful. I found Bodyshop's Warming Mineral Mask to be good, I would definitely recommend it!


  2. Aw not cool that you had a reaction! :( I used the Botanics hot cloth cleanser last night, but I can't see that it's made any difference really

    1. that's a shame maybe I haven't missed out on that much

  3. Such a shame, this looks like a really lovely mask! x
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  4. Shame that it reacted with your skin! I haven't tried out anything from Botanics yet, but I can recommend the Apivita Green Clay mask, it's honestly so good! x

    Kathryn // effievanity

  5. Mudd to a nice clay mask for about a fiver - boots do it in sachets too! I love it for my body as well as my face!



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