17 January 2014

Beauty on a budget

 I am a drugstore girl. I don't see the point in spending £50 pound on two items when I can get ten or more drugstore products that are equally as good. We in the Uk are a lucky bunch when it comes to drugstore think Real Techniques, Barry M and Soap and Glory others countries around the world should be jealous. I love being able to go into Boots or Superdrug and choosing from 10 or more different brands that have brilliant dupes and exciting new products.

Drugstore products are more adorable and acessable for all ages. Recently I have been loving a few brands and products that I adore and trust for good quality. Two of my favourite  drugstore lipsticks at the moment are Barry M 160 and Rimmel London 107 both very simular in colour. The finish of the lipsticks are matte which doesn't dry out your lips like some more expensive lipsticks like Mac which I think are very drying.

L'Oreal are a drugstore brand that I never buy from or research their new products and I really want to expand my L'Oreal products  in 2014 seeing as the super liner is an amazing product which I adore! It has the perfect nib which can create a thick or thin line depending on what you like best it is also super cheap only coming In at £8. I also have my eyes on the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow.

My recent nail loves are Bourjois 1 seconde polish and Barry M Gelly Hi Shine both these ranges have a great vary of shades, the formula and brushes are also amazing quality and I don't see the sense in paying £20 or more on one nail polish which I have been guilty of doing but I really don't see the different. The drugstore nail polish lasts just as long and sometimes longer than the ridiculously priced higher end nail products.

Other brands I'm loving is Sleek which have the greatest range and dupes for higher end products that is seriously cheap I'm talking £5 for a ridiculously pigmented blush! Real Techniques will always be a drugstore favourite of  mine  and I would go as far and say these brushes are better than any other drugstore or higher end  brushes I'm just waiting for some new releases. A recent love of mine is Soap and Glory a brand I didn't get along with because of the scents of their products but after selected and rejecting many I found two favourites a body scrub and foot moisturiser.

What are your facourite drugstore products ?


  1. I agree, you are lucky! I was blown away when I stepped into Boots back in September on my trip to London. I would go back just for the drugstores :D.
    BTW I need more Sleek blushes. I have only Rose Gold which came with the Face Form and it's fabulous. <3

    Blu Button Box

    1. yes they're so good i love boots especially the bigger ones in london

  2. Aw I love this post! I definitely agree, I'd much rather get lots of products from Boots/Superdrug than 1 high end item!
    I love MUA's eyeshadow palettes, for £4 I think they're amazing.

    Libby from www.lifeoflibby.co.uk

  3. The Real Techniques brushes are fantastic and I honestly could not recommend them enough! I wish I could try the Barry M Gelly Nail Paint but they're not available in Canada. :(
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  4. Great picks, I love the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes the shade selection is amazing and I love the formula. I really need to try some Sleek blushes as I have heard so many good things about them x

    1. yes you should and i love the barry m gel polishes can't recommend them enough

  5. Totally agree with you, the drugstore is amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  6. I'm definitely a drug store girl too, and love the Barry M gelly polishes :)

  7. just found your blog and after reading this post i'm following you already! i think sleek is the best for dupes!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  8. I agree we are so lucky having such wonderful high street brands on our doorstep! I am definitely a high street girl! I love barry m the most, the gelly polishes are great! Thanks for your link!

    www.thefrancescadiaries.com x

    1. i love them cant wait for models own's edition

  9. I love drugstore makeup to, don't mind the occasional high end but if I can get the same quality for half the price will deffo go drugstore. I love sleek blushes to think how pigmented and amazing they are for less the £4. You must be mad to turn them down. I want to try out the Barry M Nail polishes. I have a few but I love the new colour selection they have right now.
    A great post Hun.
    Rumbielove.blogspot.com xx


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