13 December 2013

The Guide | Nail Art

Nail art has become a great hobby of mine and I could easily spend hours creating and mocking designs from my head , books and blogs. I have mentioned in the past that I haven't had the best experiences with nail art ( imagine thick nail polish with designs that look like they have been completed in the dark). It wasn't until I discovered the world of blogging that I improved my nail art designs and was creating desirable nail art. People started to admire my nail creations ! All thanks to trail and error have I managed to acquaint the equipment and skills that have dramatically improve my love for nail art.

The Books 
I think this is a no brainer,  the Wah Nail books are a must for any nail art pro or amateur who wants some advice or  to try out some new designs. There are two books from Wah and their Instagram is also a great source of nail art inspiration. There are many other nail art books but I haven't yet tried but Urban Outfitters do a great selection.

The Equipment 
I can't express the importance of nail art equipment this is the key to creating the perfect designs. I have found that buying your equipment in shops is triple the price of some that you can buy online. I bought both nail art brushes and dotting tools for less than £3 in total! For straight lines a stripper or in easy terms a thin brush can also be purchased online but I like the Model's Own nail art pen which includes the stripper and pen. I would recommend the stripper but not the pen as I found it difficult to use and keep clean. Instead I like to use a Barry M nail pen which is literally like a pen which makes painting intricate designs doable. Also a topcoat when doing nail art is essential as it evens everything out and creates a smooth surface.

- Always wait until your nails are completely dry before you start drawing on designs
- Rest your wrist when doing difficult designs
- Take your time
- Practice really does make perfect when it comes to nail art
- Start off with an easy design



  1. I really want to read the WAH book, it sounds so good! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. I love nail art, especially at this time of year, it's so fun plus funky nails really are a conversion starter :)

  3. LOVE your photography, really beautiful imagery! Thank you so much for sending me your links via twitter xxx

  4. Lovely post, I'm very boring when it comes to nails, definitely feeling inspired to be a bit more creative with nail art! Thanks for the tips! :)
    L xo

    1. once you start you won't be able to stop i hated it at the start too


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