30 December 2013

2013 Reflection

Well it official when I say that 2013 is almost gone. Im going to be the boring blogger and say that nothing major or exciting happened in the year 2013 for me. This year I have really enjoyed blogging, I can barely remember when I didn't have a blog and this has to be one of the best past time for me ,it is also an accomplishment because I very rarely stick to anything and often get bored and move on to my next craze. I am forever grateful to every follower, reader and comment that I receive on Fashion & Beauty Tribes. Whenever I have had a shitty day I can escape to the blogging wold and know that something will make me happy again. I have loved joining  in with Twitter chats and getting to chat to other bloggers like me.It is a great place to share links , find new blogs and rant about the latest beauty trends.

I do hope that in 2014 I will continue to blog and keep setting myself new goals that will push both me and my blog. One thing I really want to focus on this year is my photography , I was gifted  a new lens for Christmas and have started experimenting with a new editing software that I am loving so I really want to push my photography skills.

In 2013 I have also been building up my Blogovin' feed as checking it is one of my procrastinations. I have also shared some of my favourite blogs on here so you can enjoy them too. I don't like to just talk about one exclusive blog because I enjoy many but in the last couple of months Rebecca who writes From Roses has been a blog I have been in awe with. I enjoy everything she publishes and a little bit of me lights up whenever I see that she has written a new post. Rebecca is also such a sweet lady ( with amazing tattoos may I add ) who really puts all her time and hard work into her blog and boy does it show. She hasn't had the best year and I do hope that 2014 will be her year for her blog and personal life.

I d hope that this post hasn't been too long and please leave me your links, comments and want you hope for in 2014 down below.



  1. Happy new year, best of luck with your goals for 2014 and hope it's a little more exciting for you that 2013! Loving having found your blog this year x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. In 2014, I hope to entertain my readers more and provide them with good quality content. I also need to stay on schedule and me more interactive with other bloggers. My blog is littlebitpixie.blogspot.com.

    1. me too i really want to improve my photography

  3. lovely post, happy new year



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