21 November 2013

Christmas Ideas #2 | The Magazine Lover

The second in my Christmas series is for the magazine lovers that spend hours flicking through glossy pages. I myself love Company magazine and would love to receive a subscription. I think this idea is perfect if you are quite unsure what to get your loved one or friend but have seen them on numerous of occasions flicking through a magazine. For example a years subscription with Company is £12 which is not at all expensive plus with most magazine subscriptions you get a free gift which makes it look like you have spent at least £20 or more on their gift, so not only is this a monthly present it is also great for a student or someone who is slightly broke.

Would you buy a magazine subscription for a Christmas present?


  1. I'm not keen on company anymore, but I receive it, glamour and cosmo for christmas last year and they're being renewed this year :3 ! xx

  2. I'd love a magazine subscription! I never really buy them myself so it would be a nice treat. And how lovely are your blog photos?! Definitely some of my faves xxx


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