12 October 2013

The Wah Nail Books

 I love painting my nails and whilst I have every colour imaginable I have never really attempting nail art. When I was younger I went to Argos and bought a nail art set full of different colours and shades but I never used this set to it's full possibilities because I didn't have a clue what nail art really was or how I could attempt any of the designs.A few years later and apart from some simple dot designs I had never since tried to recreate a nail design but on a recent trip to Urban Outfitters I saw the first edition of the Wah nail book. After a few flicks of the pages I  knew I wanted it but at the price of £11.99 I knew that I could get it cheaper else where.

I blame Amazon for the purchase of the two nail books, because of they're amazing prices I couldn't not get both. Each book shares some of the Wah nail art that is used in their salon it gives you a step to step guide on how to create each nail design ,another thing I found useful was how to prepare and finish your nails something in which I struggle with . The second book is slightly thicker with interviews and advice on style and starting up a blog. I throughly enjoyed reading and recreating some of the designs, I found all the designs achievable and not too complex or difficult. The only thing I would recommend buying would be a few nail art pens because alot of the design require one. I absolutely love the two Wah books and it has inspired me massively to create cool designs on my nails and encourage me to think about starting my own business.

Have you tried the Wah Book ?


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