23 October 2013

The H&M Make Up Bags

I'm not very organised and have not yet converted to Muji drawers so I had to look for an alternative way that I could store my makeup. I am constantly trying to find clever ways in which I could organise my make up stash.  Whilst I was browsing in H & M I came across these eye catching make up bags.I was instantly drawn to them and couldn't not buy them especially since they were only £1.99 each it was hard to resist! I bought two one with polka dots and the other a Chinese sweet wrapper , both make up bags are made from plastic and are so handy and light weight perfect for carrying around. I will use these  up bags for my most used make up so I can easily pop it in my bag when I want to bring it out with me or have it sitting attractively in my bedroom. I think both bags look more expensive than £1.99 and are so handy and easy to store make up in. It would be a shame if a sneaky purchase wasn't made ( now for some new make up to go in it I think!)


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