27 October 2013

I Won a Blog Competition!

Last week when I opened my email address I wasn't expecting to find an email containing details that I had won a blog competition. I found this a complete surprise seeing as I never win anything and I only entered the competition once. I received the prize from the very lovely Mehj from Beauty Brownies ( check her out and follow) I was so pleased that I won and she was super generous with her prize giving away a YSL lipstick one I believe Mehj loves. I just wanted to thank Mehj for hosting the giveaway and sending me the prize. I love the lipstick and would you believe it's my first ever high end make up product and I don't know if I can go back to cheaper lipsticks it's so silky and gorgeous on the lips plus it's so photogenic something I love!



  1. Congrats and great photos! I've never won anything either. I guess I have luck in love :). And the colour looks gorgeous.

    Blu Button Box

  2. Congratulation, you always remember your first blog win, mine was a set of Elizabeth Arden pr ducts, enjoy your lipstick :)

    1. thank you your first prize sounded expensive

  3. Aww wow what an amazing blog prize! YSL lipsticks are just gorg though!!
    Your blog is great! I'm now following
    Genna xxx

  4. Congrats! I never ever win anything, but would be SO delighted to receive this gorgeous prize! Enjoy ;)

    xx -b.

  5. Oh lucky you! That is such a beautiful shade, it's perfect.

    Tweet Tweet xx


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