13 September 2013

My Shaving Go To Products

Shaving is something all of us girls have to do and it can often become a task that I often avoid for as long as possible but wearing trousers in the summer is slightly odd. I know that summer is over and we don't shave as much in the winter (well I don't anyway) but sometimes we still have to complete this hairy task. I am not one for waxing or hair removal cream because for one I am a tad scared about removing the wax strips and two I'm not a huge fan of hair removal cream scents they are not pleasant.

I would say that my shaving routine is very basis and old fashioned but it 's just the way I like it , for me I don't think it's about the fancy razors but more about the products you use to achieve smooth , hair free legs.To start I usually apply the & Other Stories body scrub all over my legs to get rid of any dirt and to exfoliate to reduce ingrown hairs etc, next I use the Nivea in shower Conditioner all over my legs this achieves smooth legs and helps the razor glide up your legs much easier and without pain. Once the  shaving of the legs is complete I usually apply some Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser which  locks in moisture. I do suffer from dry / sensitive skin so moisturising is a must after I shave because my legs can feel a bit irritated after wards. I use a cheap BIC disposable razor which can cost 2 to 3 pound for a pack.

What products do you use when shaving ?


  1. I'm kinda crap when it comes to shaving, i just whack on a showergel, shave and wash off.. I really want to try the in shower moisturiser though as it sounds really hassle free! xx


  2. I'm not sure I'd agree that shaving (or any beautification tbh) is something we *have* to do?

  3. i really want to try some & other stories body products! they sound so good

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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