26 September 2013

Blog Book and More

Just a very short post for this evening. I have being thinking alot about blog books and what ones I could buy that would help me with my blogging but not one single one has helped. I feel they are very distant and not that helpful,  so thats when I thought about doing an blog book focused on the beauty, fashion and lifestyle theme. This idea is very much at the brain storming stage and even if it did happen it would take a while. What I would love for you guys to do is complete a very short 5 question survey requiring the book so I can gathering what you would like in the book .  The link to the survey is at the side bar or click HERE to be taken to the questions. I would also love for you to comment on any ideas or thoughts about this blog book idea.


  1. I've never personally read a blogging book but from the looks of it I don't think it's catered to the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion posts. It almost seems robotic what they suggest you do. I think your idea for a book is a great one! I know I'd love to read a tip book catered to beauty blogs! Going to fill out the short survey now. Good luck!

  2. Lifestyle blog stuff would be interesting because it's so varied - obviously you can't cover everything but it would be interesting to read insights into more personal posts! xx


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