24 September 2013

American Magazines

I have heard many people talk about the likes of Allure and Nylon and for ages I have been wanting to try them but there was one problem I don't live in the USA so the chances for me to get reading these mags was very slim , but thankfully we live in the 21st century so I was able  to download the iPad version of both magazines. Now I was tempted to subscribe to both magazines but I had never read or seen inside of  either mags so instead I decided to try the latest issues instead.

Allure a magazine I have heard a lot about from  Vivianne Does Make Up and Lily Peebles. The magazine is a beauty and fashion magazine that is meant to offer helpful advice  and the latest beauty and fashion trends  but  I was really disappointed with the mag. I found the content boring and felt it had a more mature feel to it . One of the worst things is there are many ads  enclosed in the magazine which are extremely annoying  especially when all you want to do is read the magazines content. In saying that I did like the magazines layout and the odd beauty tip which I really did love, but overall I don't think I repurchase the mag again.

Nylon has been often compared to Company magazine so if it meant that I would receive two Company type magazines every month I was a happy bunny but yet again it didn't live up to the feedback I had gathered. I did rather Nylon Magazine to Allure but whilst I loved  the magazines layout and pictures I yet again  found the content s***t and not interesting in the slightest. I also think I might have enjoyed the magazines a little bit more if they had of been in their more conventional form because call me old fashioned but I really didn't enjoy reading from a tablet.

I feel like I have been nothing but negative in this post but I would rather tell you lot the truth than say I loved the magazines just because everyone else does, and because I am not to keen on the magazines that doesn't  mean you wont enjoy them!

Have you ever tried Nylon or Allure ?


  1. Yeah I am pretty disappointed with North American magazines too (I live in Canada and occasionally read American and Canadian magazines). I think the main magazines I pick up and really enjoy are Allure, Nail It! and a couple others. My friend brought me some magazins back from Japan and I think they are a LOT better!!
    (new blog follower! :D)

    1. i would love to try some magazines from japan and I really want to read nail it

  2. I picked up Nylon when I was in America last week. Saved it for the plane home, then I just left it there.. Totally disappointing. There just wasn't anything to it! Won't be making the mistake of taking up valuable hand luggage room again!



    1. i hated it too but I don't understand the whole craze about it

  3. I actually really like Allure! I read it on my iPad and quite enjoy the content :) shame you didn't like it but I can see where the ads would be annoying. x

    1. i think im the only one that doesn't like it


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