10 August 2013

My Unhealthy Obsession with Stationary

I am a stationary geek ! I love buying and using stationary that over the years I have gathered an unhealthy amount of highlighters , colouring pencils and all colours of the rainbow pens but yet that still doesn't stop me every August to repurchase some more stationary. I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you this years version of my pencil case. I wanted to buy all the essentials but at an affordable price that would suit my student budget so I went to Asda ( the UK version of Wal-Mart ) and set upon the trail to find everything I needed for under a tenner and I surprisingly succeeded with my grand total amounting to £7.60. This included pack of twelve highlighters , rubber , sharpener , foldable ruler , pencil case , tip ex ,  pens and a NU notebook.
Out of everything I bought the highlighters, pencil case and the NU notebook were my favourites. I love the highlighters because they were such a bargain and came in six different colours and they were  only £2 for a pack of twelve. I am most definitely a visual learner and it is important that if I am revising that my notes are colourful and neat as it aids my learning so for me highlighters was a must during my revising months. Even though there is a wide variety of stationary in todays market I always find it difficult to find a pencil case I like but this year I opted for a simple clear pencil case which I love and it only cost a mere 60p yes you read right 60p. A note book is also another essential during studying months. What's so good about this notebook is it doesn't just contain lined paper it has math , plain and pull out flash cards . I think after buying yet some more stationary I will have to buy some extra storage. Oops! 
Do you have an unhealthy obsession with stationary ?


  1. Funny - we got the exact same stuff from ASDA!


  2. These pictures are amazing to me as I also have a slight obsession with stationary and I'm not a student so maybe this just makes me weird ha. p.s great blog :-) x

  3. I bloody love stationary, nothing will make me happier than a Sharpie :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  4. I'm a teacher, it comes with the job. Stationery is the reason I go to work ;) Your photography is simply beautiful!

    Donna xx

  5. You're not alone in stationary love, I spend almost as much time in Paperchase as I do in Boots!


  6. I'm a stationary junkie too! I can't write unless it's with a pretty pen on a pretty pad!



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