27 August 2013

Let's Talk Blog Designs

I hate to admit it but I am most defiantly a person who judges a blog on it's design and even if the writing is amazing I will still not follow it and one of the reasons is that its not designed well. Now I know that many will disagree with me but if I follow a blog I want to be excited everytime they have a new post,  I want to look at their design / photos and say wow I really love their blog and to me thats what makes me go back to a blog everytime. Ever since starting Fashion and Beauty Tribes I have grown to love learning about blog designing and up doing a blog and creating it into something lovely. For a while now I have been considering offering custom designs for a small fee but I need your help.

I need some willing bloggers to help me build a portfolio for my blog design shop so I can show future clients what I can do. All I need you to do is offer your blog to be redesigned for free so I can add it to my portfolio also a small post on your blog about my designs and where people can find me. There will be a limit of five free blog designs and will come on a first come first serve basis, you will be required to give me your blogger log in details and a change to your password or make me admin of your blog for me to redesign it. To apply you can either comment below giving your email address and blog link or email me at sineadtaylor2010@hotmail.co.uk. So what you waiting for !


  1. I've just send you an -mail, i will be very pleased to help you :D

    Mirisweet! xX

  2. I'm very excited for you to redesign mine! I think a new look is exactly what it needed :)

    Maddie | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  3. I've dropped you an email; I would love to be a part of it! X

  4. I'd love to be part of it!! :) I've sent you an email! xx


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